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Care Instructions for Your Vapor Club E-Cig

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·         USB Cable should only be plugged into a wall or car adapter with no more than 5 volt output. NEVER plug into a laptop or computer.

·         Clean battery reservoir with a Q-tip or tissue prior to connecting to the charger.

·         Batteries can be turned on & off by rapidly clicking the button 5 times.

·         Gently screw battery into USB cable, when the blue light starts flashing stop. USB cable light will turn from green to red, then back to green after it is fully charged.

·         When battery is completely dead the blue button will flash rapidly & no vapor will be produced, it takes 3-4 hours to fully charge.

·         NEVER over tighten battery to charger, there is a high risk of damage to battery or charger.

·         CE-4 tank is disposable, this tank will last you about 2 weeks to a month. It is common with any tank to have to replace wicks, cartomizers or some piece at least every 2 weeks to a month.

·         Tanks should be filled at an angle as to not get liquid in the center hole of the tank. Use of a needle bottle will help in the refill process.

·         Never over tighten tank to the battery, this may cause a tank to leak.

·         Never leave your e-cigarette or e-liquid in a hot car, this may cause seals to fluctuate ultimately causing a leaky situation.

·         Do not submerge battery in water.

·         Be careful carrying batteries in pockets & purses. Make sure your e-cigarette is protected & turned off (5 clicks) as to not waste liquid/battery life.

·         The easier you draw on your e-cigarette the better hit you will get. It is important to note that these are not your traditional cigarette so there is no “hot boxing” necessary.

·         Our liquids come in 10ml child proof bottles in the following milligrams 24/18/11/6/0.


·         Our batteries are guaranteed for 30 days for manufacturer defects with your receipt.

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