Vapor Club, LLC

E-Cig Tanks

Shop Vapor Club for the replacement coils, clearomizer, cartomizer or e-cig tank replacement you need for your ecigarette or e cig starter kit.

We carry the following brands and types of e cig tank:

  • Kanger
  • DCT
  • T3S
  • Pro Tank
  • VVN
  • CE-4

If you have any questions about which tank would work best with your electronic cigarette or e-cig kit, please feel free to contact us.

**ECig Tanks from Vapor Club currently ship at a rate of $1.15 (USD) per tank for CE4, DCT, T3S, VVN 2ml.  $2.88 (USD) shipping for Pro Tank, $2.30 (USD) Mini Pro-Tank, $1.73 (USD) for VVN 3.5mL, and $5.15(USD) for Kanger Pro 2.  Sales made in the state of Oklahoma are also subject to a sales tax rate of 8.517%


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