Vapor Club, LLC

PG E-Cig Liquids

PG E-Cig Liquids from Vapor Club, LLC. are formulated from the purest, high quality ingredients available.  Pharmaceutical Grade Propylene Glycol (PG) is a laboratory-created organic compound used in e-cig liquids, medicine, food products and other household products. Vapor Club’s PG electronic cigarette liquids are pharmaceutical grade.  Standard PG eliquids come in a 10mL vial and our premium e-liquids are 15mL. If you desire pg eliquids with nicotine, the guide below will help you determine what strength to purchase:

  •   0mg – Full flavor with no nicotine
  •   6mg – Standard ultra-light level of nicotine
  • 11mg – Medium amount of nicotine
  • 18mg – Full amount of nicotine, ie. King Filtered
  • 24mg – Full strength nicotine, Non-Filtered Cigarette

**Sales made in the state of Oklahoma are also subject to a sales tax rate of 8.517%

***We are currently in the process of updating and adding inventory items. To ensure that we can properly complete your purchase, please call us: 918.619.9993 to place your order.