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Sally’s E-Cig Liquid Mixes

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Cherry Flavored E-Cig LiquidVapor Club’s own Mustang Sally is a mixologist when it comes to her e-cig liquids.  Check out some of her flavor blends and grab them online while they are on sale!  Use Coupon Code VCJAN14 at checkout for 20% off $20 or more and get FREE SHIPPING for orders over $100 on any e cig liquids or e-cig accessories online.

**We do not mix our own liquids and we cannot blend for customers, our bottles are clinically manufactured in a sterile environment.



Sally’s favorite e-cig liquid flavors….

  • Mix of ½ Pomegranate PG, ½ Mango VG= fruit roll up flavor
  • Mix of ½ Cherry PG & ½ Grape PG= “Fun Dip” flavor
  • Mix of ¼ Mango VG, ¼ Peach PG, ¼ Pineapple PG & ¼ Papaya VG= fruity island blend
  • Mix ¾ Watermelon PG & ¼ Strawberry VG = deliciousness
  • Mix ½ Blueberry PG & ½ Triple Zest VG= grape sweet tart flavor
  • Mix ½ Cappuccino PG & ½ French Vanilla VG= Sweet Morning coffee
  • Mix ¼ Island Punch VG, ¼ Pineapple PG & ½ Peach PG & a few drops of Strawberry= Sex on the Beach

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VG vs PG E-Cig Liquid from Vapor Club

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E-Cig Liquids from Vapor Club are available in two different formulations:  VG or PG.  Pharmaceutical Grade Propylene Glycol (PG) is a laboratory-created organic compound used in e-cig liquids, medicine, food products and other household products.  PG is compounded in industrial and pharmaceutical grades.  Vapor Clubs PG electronic cigarette liquids are pharmaceutical grade.

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